March 29

March 29

A Lazy Day; Sea-lions And Whales And Birds, Oh My!

We got up late this morning and had a leisurely breakfast. Although it cools down considerably at night, it continues to be warm and sunny during the day. We walked about a half-mile to the beach, which is lovely. Very reminiscent of Long Beach, although there are no logs. There was a bit of an onshore breeze and few people down there, so we climbed up to a bench area at the top of a headland and spent a couple of hours watching the big waves roll in, while a group of sea-lions dozed on the rocks below us, and several grey whales passed by on their way to Alaska. Who knows, maybe they are some of the same ones we saw and petted a few weeks ago in Guerrero Negro!

We returned to the campground and spent the afternoon reading, watching red-winged blackbirds and a friendly flock of partridges, and doing some computer work down at the Lodge. We will be heading for the Redwood River campground in Leggett (still in California; it always amazes us how big a state this is!), where we will spend two nights.


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