April 10

April 10

End Of The Trail

We arrived safely back home in the late afternoon of Easter Sunday, April 5. If you have followed along, you will know that we have seen the good, the bad and the ugly, but it was a great adventure that covered 13139 kilometres (8164 miles) over 105 days, averaging 21 miles per gallon, which we are pretty happy with. As with all homecomings, this one is bittersweet; while we met some wonderful people, many of whom we hope to remain in contact with, and had some unforgettable experiences, it is certainly good to be home, to connect again with family and friends and to see the grandchildren.

What’s next? For the rest of this year, just some camping around the Island, including another sojourn to Chemainus with the grand-daughters. Next January/February we will be flying down to Santiago Chile to watch Matt’s PhD defence and take a cruise around the Horn, so Lucy will get a break. Beyond that, while we are mulling over some ideas, nothing firm will be decided for a while.

Thanks again for coming along with us (in the virtual world at least); hope it was a good ride. Hasta la vista!

April 3

April 3

Beach, Bunnies And One More Sleep

We woke up to rain, which continued through most of the morning. When the sun broke through in the afternoon, we went for a walk on the beach, one of the nicest we have seen on this coast:



Tomorrow we leave this bunny-infested campground



and head for Elma in Washington State for our last sleep before arriving home on Easter Sunday. I’ll make a summary post sometime next week; until then, thanks for following our journey!


April 2

April 2

Hidden Treasures

Today was a lesson in finding hidden treasures in unexpected places. After two hours of driving, we pulled off the highway to stretch our legs and change drivers. We realized that we were in a parking lot across the road from what billed itself as the “Sea Lion Caves”, so we decided to go have a look. It turned out to be a good decision; there is an elevator that takes you down 200 feet into what is the “World’s” or “America’s” largest sea cave, depending on which plaque you read.


It is home to hundreds of Stellar Sea Lions:


We spent a long time watching them play like children in the surf, diving in and pushing each other off. We kept trying to imagine what it would look like with the big winter storm surges rolling into the cave. Here is a view looking north from the other side of the cave:


Before returning to Lucy, we took one last look south:


We reached the Neskowin Creek Resort at around 4:00 and settled in. We spent some quality time in the indoor heated pool and hot tub, then decided to drive the half-mile up the road to beautiful downtown Neskowin, which consists of a Post Office, Hotel, restaurant and a handful of houses. The treasure here was the restaurant, a small friendly place with great food (we had stone-oven baked pizza, ribs, and a bottle of champagne). It was a very pleasant way to end the day.

Depending on the weather, we may go down to the beach tomorrow, as it will be our last opportunity before turning inland on Saturday.


April 1

April 1

Nostalgia Ain’t What It Used To Be

What would a drive through northern California be without a visit to “The Trees of Mystery”? We were last here with John and Lorna 40 years ago (and no Lorna, your camera has not yet been turned in), and there have been a couple of changes. Apparently Homeland Security considered Paul Bunyan a security risk and dis-armed him:


They now have a wonderful little museum there, which contains a large number of artifacts belonging to First Nations/Native Americans from tribes all over North America and beyond, with separate alcoves for each tribal group. It really is impressive, considering that it receives no federal or state government funding, and exists only through donations and gift shop sales.

We continued up the coast, with new vistas around every corner:




We arrived at the Bandon KOA in late afternoon and settled in:

Ma and Pa Kettle go to Bandon

Ma and Pa Kettle go to Bandon

We are here for one night, then head to Neskowin for 2 nights.


March 31

March 31

Relaxing Among The Redwoods

When the highlight of the day is doing a final load of laundry, you know you’re in chill mode. It rained a bit sometime during the night, but the day turned out to be a mix of sun and cloud. I guess Mother Nature is easing us slowly back into reality, as it was cool enough to turn on the furnace for a while this morning.

Once the excitement of laundry was over, we spent the rest of the afternoon chasing sunny spots around the campsite to read in relative warmth. In the evening we watched our other movie, “3:10 to Yuma”.

Tomorrow we finally leave California and head for Bandon, Oregon for one night, then on to Neskowin for two nights.


March 30

March 30

From The Golden Gate To The Redwoods

After passing through San Francisco and crossing the Golden Gate Bridge (no fog!)




Love the rainbows!

Love the rainbows!


we decided to part company with the coastal highway temporarily, as it would have been a significantly longer drive, and take 101 instead. It was still lovely, passing through vineyards and forests. We arrived at the campground in early afternoon. It is set among coastal redwood trees; here is one right next to our site:


And for some perspective:


We rented a couple of movies to watch while we are here. Last night we had a campfire, then watched “People Like Us”, which we really enjoyed.