This is Priscilla Pleasureway, purchased pre-owned in November 2011 (only 2000 km on the clock!)

Our campsite at Green Point.

The Green Apple Martinin has landed!

Kennedy Lake

Steller’s Jay scrounging food. We obliged, since she brought her two babies!


Ponderosa Falls campsite

Feeling better

Gone fishin’

Montana sunset

We stayed on the path.

Custer’s Last Stand Memorial, Crow Agency, Montana

Wall Drug Store

Who are those guys?

Who knew?

The S.S. Badger ready to leave.

History of the Badger.

Priscilla being backed onboard.

Christmas Mountain Campsite.

The S.S. Badger preparing to leave.

Life at the lake

Trent Canal between Balsam Lake and Canal Lake

Cottages at entrance to Canal Lake

Restored 1959 Corvette

Kirkfield Lift Lock

Another view of the lock

Loon on the Lake

You sank my battleship!

You can’t have too many napkins!

As promised Dave, this one’s for Alexander!

Looking out to Lake Simcoe

Looking down the main canal toward Lagoon City

A quiet moment on the dock



Here’s to you, Stephen!

Gatineau Sunset

Museum of Civilization

Museum of Civilization

River near Skowhegan

The Girls Chillin’

Lake George Sunset

Water Wheel, Kings Landing

St. Patrick’s Presbyterian Church, still used for services once a month

Overlooking the St. John River

The Ingraham house 4-holer – a model of efficiency

St. Dunstan’s Basilica

Fredericton City Hall Tapestries

City Hall Fountain

Campsite on West River

“Proud to be Canadian, eh?”

Charlottetown Conference room

Explanatory Plaque

Our Campsite

Jeannine dipping her toes in the Atlantic

Westray Miners’ Memorial

Marilyn’s house

Inside of Basilica

Legislative Chamber

Leaving PEI

Westray Memorial New Glasgow NS

Jeannine buying a loaf of “Soldiers’ Bread”, baked in the original way in stone ovens

Some of the cannon used in the defence of Fort Louisbourg

Jeannine and Marilyn

Teahouse from outside

Teahouse from inside

View of Baddeck Bay and St. Patrick’s Channel from above the museum

There is ocean out there somewhere

Gulf of St. Lawrence side, looking towards Cheticamp

St. Mark’s Parish Hall, Baddeck NS

Gabrielle and Tom

(Why don’t they just build a bridge? – is anybody listening?)

Original deck chair from Titanic (seat has been re-caned)

Only complete piece of cabinetry saved from Titanic

Shoes of the” Unknown Child”

“Unknown Child” story

“Unknown Child” Memorial

Burial site of some of the bodies recovered the night of the sinking

“Claws; just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water”

Swissair Memorial

Peggy’s Cove Sunset

King Neptune Campground


Bluenose II

Peggy’s Cove

Bar Harbor’s harbour, with a cruise ship in town

Downtown Bar Harbor

Thunder Hole

A few moments in the sun at Thunder Hole

Pigeons on Parade

Tower built of Maine granite, as a memorial to the Pilgrims landing at Plymouth near here

Cohoon Beach

The complete cyclorama in a much smaller scale

Cyclorama detail

Cyclorama detail

The Gettysburg Address

One of the many beautiful exhibits

McPherson Ridge and McPherson Barn, where the Battle of Gettysburg began at 8 am, July 1, 1863

Eternal Light Peace Memorial

Eternal Light Peace Memorial info

Partial view of the battlefield from the Peace Memorial

Looking across part of the battlefield from the Confederate side

View from Little Round Top, from the Union side

Virginia Memorial – every soldier from Virginia is listed here

The Soldiers’ National Cemetery – many soldiers, almost all Union, both known and unknown, are buried here.

Looking out over the site of Pickett’s Charge – it was turned back at a cost of thousands of lives. Lee began his retreat the next day

National Soldiers’ Cemetery Memorial – stands on the spot where Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address

Natural Bridge

From the other side

Natural Bridge description

Cedar Creek

Otter Lake

Otter Creek

Clouds in the valley

Blue Ridge Parkway

How the “Blue Ridge” got its name

Rocky Knob Picnic Area

Highest elevation on the Parkway – 6053 ft. (about 9000 metres)

Another view from the same lookout

Waterrock Knob – 5820 ft.

Elkmont Campground – note the river right behind our site

Down by the Riverside…

A Thanksgiving Selection

Pick Me, Pick Me!

In almost every campground, we feel like the baby of the family

But there is a very nice little lake a stone’s throw from our site

At least we won’t be having the leftovers for a week!

Canadian tourist missing; last seen walking along Beard’s Lake

The Grand Lodge

View from the pool/hot tub (pardon me; spa) area

Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head

The “Miraculous Stairway” of the Loreto Chapel. Google this; it is quite a story!

A view of the Santa Fe Plaza

“Lonely, I’m Mr. Lonely..”

Our only neighbour; we lodged a noise complaint..

Not good, Norman..




Sandia sunset

San Miguel Church, the oldest church structure in the U.S.A. The original adobe walls were built by Tlaxcalan Indians from Mexico around 1610.



The happy couple

The view from up here

Another view from up here

How it begins

El Rancho Hotel

El Rancho lobby

No explanation needed

Chapter President (the guy with the biggest rack)

The Grand Canyon

“Just take one more step back…”

Granite Rapids (the river is the length of a football field wide at this point: this was taken with a telephoto lens)

Optical Illusion: Mather Point Sunset

Very cool…

Part of the Kaibab Trail

An Alber Squirrel

Another viewpoint, another squirrel, this one having a scratch

Cindy and Coco

“Mine, mine…”

“Give me a quacker and put it on my bill.”

Historic Tombstone Main Street

A few of the locals

The Kid With No Name

I’m not sure George would appreciate the humour


This one’s for you Mickie!

O.K. Corral reenactment

Ocean Biome

South Lung

Big Science

Readin’ by the river

Colorado River Oasis Resort – Priscilla is left of centre, behind the big rig towing the red car in the foreground

The Horny Toad Saloon

London Bridge, with some guy in the foreground

“Dreamcatcher”, the Casino ferry

Lake Havasu moonrise

Colorado River

Colorado River

Another view

Marilyn, in the famous pose from “Some Like It Hot”

Inside of the Plaza Theatre

Outside of the Plaza Theatre

Bronze of Lucille Ball

Palm Springs Happy Hour

Palm Springs Street Fair

Coachella Valley, Palm Springs, Palm Desert

Jeannine’s new choir

“Now, one at a time…”

Ramona campsite

Trivia: anyone know what a flock of flamingos is called? (Answer at the end of this post)

A cerval cat


Gentle giants

Here kitty kitty

Tough day at the office

Cheetah run: 100 metres in 5.9 seconds!

USS Midway (or at least, part of her 1000 foot length.)

“The Island” – air control and Bridge

Take off, eh?

The Navigator

Surf’s up!

La Jolla from Mount Soledad


“What are you looking at?” (A Fishing Cat)

Just hangin’ out

Hmmm…Big Mac or Cheeseburger?

Just in case you were wondering…

L.A. smog

Our campsite; the lagoon is dirfectly behind us.

Looking out over one of the two lakes here.

In front of the fire in the Adult Centre.

Our cabin

Our cabin

Our cabin (night)

A small part of the “Mi Casa”…

…Complete with fortune-telling canaries

Valerie and Susan

Cabo sunset

At least it’s gold-coloured

There is a lot of pirate history in this bay


Bass Lake campsite

Bass Lake – it is virtually emptied during the winter, which makes for a strange sight

Giant Sequoia – they can survive insects, drought, fire and lightning strikes because of the vast amounts of tannins they contain

The “Fallen Monarch” – its fall predates even the original Indian tribes who lived here

Wawona Hotel

The resident Raven

El Capitan (left) and Half-Dome (back centre)

Bridal Veil Fall

Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls

The water level of a surprise flash flood on New Year’s Day, 1997. Miraculously, there were no deaths

Ready for dinner

Sharing a table with our American friends, Rick and Lynn

There’s always room for dessert!

The turkey pit

The end result

The cleanup crew

Rollin’ down the highway


Double rainbow, Cluxexe


French Beach Provincial Park


French Beach


Lucy Leisurevan

Inheritancesm SouthernVancouverIsland

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